AI: It's easier than you think

14:30-15:00, Lecture Room 1

AI is one one of the hottest topics in media and a technology that will be key in our futures. But with all the media hype, it breeds the perception that AI is complicated and requires a plethora of qualifications. As someone who started with no knowledge of the topic and managed to pave a way into this area, I want to inspire others and show that you don’t have to have years of experience to use, learn or understand AI.

This talk will cover personal experiences and tips on getting started with AI and Machine Learning, as well as a few more technical aspects of the subject that will be a brief introduction into using data and creating models . The knowledge shared will be suitable for those with minimal knowledge of the subject all the way up to experienced developers, basically if you are looking to learn something new this is a talk for you!

In giving this talk I hope to guide and inspire the audience to discover and learn a new skill that will be key in years to come. The take aways from this will range from encouragement to try an emerging technology and knowing where to go to learn, to creating a better understanding of where the AI sector is now and where we are going.