Guided Conversation - Junior developers

10:30-11:30 in the Project Room

In this session, we will be discussing the topic of graduate and junior developers, in a different format called a Guided conversation.

A Guided Conversation is a meeting / workshop where a facilitator drives a conversation through a set of pre-prepared topics. The group then discusses those questions in order to share insight, personal experiences and expertise. The benefit of this format is that the conversation is driven by the attendees, meaning that the variety of voices heard is usually larger (when compared to a single speaker on stage) and gives a platform for anyone to join the conversation.

Some of the questions which we will tackle are:

  • How do you define a junior developer?
  • When are we not junior developers?
  • What can you learn from junior devs?
  • Why are junior devs important?
  • How and when do we ask for help?
  • Mentors, do juniors need one?

The session will be for 20 people and last an hour.