Designers and Developers: No longer a house divided

16:40-17:10, Lecture Theatre ("Raked")

A belief that design and development have competing interests is an obstacle to successful collaboration.  We should all be striving to learn, but the question remains, what exactly should we learn? Maybe it isn’t as simple as “learn to develop” or “learn to design,” but is about learning to communicate and collaborate whilst respecting the nuances of each other’s craft.

However, sometimes the developer’s involvement in the design process seems to be addressed very little. This is a shame, because developers have a huge amount to add to discussions about design. Just like development, designing has rules. I want to share some design rules so that you can become self-sufficient in your own personal projects from design to implementation which in turn should also make you a better collaborator to design team members resulting in the creation of complex and beautiful front-end experiences!