Data Processing in PHP, and Other Natural Disasters

10:30-11:00, Lecture Room 1

What is it like working on first generation code, developed during an R&D phase, that was inspired by a horrific weather occurrence on the other side of the world? With a challenging and majestic mix of open geographical data, mathematics, JavaScript libraries and PHP.

Using open data and open source to create a natural disaster, to create a web platform to simulate an actual natural disaster that is relative to the places we know and love in Northern Ireland.

This will cover the intersection between web platforms, mathematical simulation and kid-friendly user experience. * open source as a core web platform business model * managing a PHP (Laravel) web framework on Kubernetes, with Gitlab CI * automatic analysis and reporting pulling in from NI open data (backed by an internal CKAN instance) * slicing geospatial time-series data for display, with VueJS and Laravel * managing long-running numerical simulations with Python3, FEniCS and serverless functions * the types of mathematics behind earthquake, flood and volcano modelling

By the end of this talk, you will be familiar with: * how a container-based web platform can be deployed and supported * the linkage from data sources, to web application and numerical modelling * the potential of Laravel, VueJS and Python in a combined stack